WASHINGTON spring sunshine in early March, Gucci ready to Special Collection – elegant Emily chain handbags for ladies presented a love of salute. Gucci Boston Bag Chain handbags Gucci Emily square design, full of retro sense of both the useful features of modern life. The the Baoshen selection of a variety of fine leather handmade, special material exudes a natural sheen plus interlocking double G printing, highlight the noble and elegant of women, with gold metal shoulder strap also highlights the modern trend of style. The shoulder strap by force at particularly intimate with leather stitching exempt from pain and discomfort caused by the shoulder bag weight. Handbags through scientific design within a multi-layer inner bag, the items methodically categorized placed. The of another iconic Gucci accessories – horsebit and tassel the perfect foil Emily elegant package shall stature, rich in visual appeal and showing the effect of the finishing touch. Gucci other special launch can be matched with a scarf and sunglasses, add charm for your elegant travel. Ushered in the spring sunshine in early March, the annual Women’s Day. For nearly a century, countries all walks of life have made ​​unremitting efforts to fight for women’s rights. This is to commemorate the festival of women in the world to strive for peace, equality, development and also reminds us to care for all around love women. In this special day, Gucci has you ready for the Women’s Day Special Collector Series – elegant of Emily chain handbags, your mother, wife presented a love of salute.

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